LmunA 2022's Theme:
Emerging technologies in shaping modern society

The future is just one click away

One cannot deny that modern technology is a catalyst for the development of our ever changing world. Emerging technologies are growing to have a bigger impact on the way we live, work and socialize with each other in our day-to-day life. The opportunities that stem from these technological advancements are seemingly endless; ranging from increased efficiency to augmented reality. However, are we ready to embrace what might be coming next? Many questions arise from issues such as privacy and the use of Artificial Intelligence. When do we prefer freedom and privacy over security? How far are we willing to change and offer our current habits and routines to implement new technological advancements in life? This year’s LmunA theme encourages delegates to acknowledge the current influence of technology while also debating the morality and ethical dilemmas imposed by the consequences of emerging technologies.

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